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Why pay more?


We proudly announce that we are the official distributor for the Hipsimo motion chair for the US.

Finally a motion chair for a fair price !!!

Similar products are being sold for over $ 100.00 more !!

This type of chair has already found great acceptance in the US, Germany and throughout Europe.

Customer are ranking from Chiropractic, Physiotherapeutic, Riders, Martial Arts, Dancers and any type of sport that requires a flexible and independent hip movement.

With the already conveniently foldable Hipsimo we can offer a clear flexibility in regards to transportation or storage and now with the new "Hipsimo-To-Go" it is possible to exercise your flexibility virtually everywhere whether it is at work, in the office or anywhere else where you have to sit for longer periods.

You will be surprised how you can use this time to exercise your body instead of getting stiffer and even more tense.


HIPSIMO (from Hips In Motion) is the motion chair that allows you exercise your hip flexibility that is needed for so many activities like Horseback Riding, Dancing, Martial Arts and pretty much every sport activity that requires a fluent and independent movement of your middle body.




The motion chair has been widely accepted on the physiotherapeutic and is also been used in chiropractic and recovery medicine.

The flexible mounted seat allows a 360 degree turning motion in addition to the up and down movement.

While just sitting on the chair you have to balance your seat and exercise your hip muscles. The constant exercise makes you become more flexible and stronger in this area.


The HIPSIMO is available in three different designs





Just like the name already says designed for the "go". Can be easily taken to almost everywhere because of the small size of only 12'' diameter and a height of about 6''.

It has the same features like all HIPSIMO's except that it has a round wooden base that allows the seat being placed on every flat surface. Due to the small dimensions it will fit even in a briefcase. You can take it with you to work, to an airplane or anywhere else where you have to sit.



$ 99.00 (+ shipping & handling)



Our standard HIPSIMO is designed for the 'every day person' and has the following features:

- Adjustable height from 18'' to 25''

- Three leg foldable chrome base

- Rubber feet to ensure a secure stand on most surfaces




$ 199.00 (+ shipping & handling)



Our 'Pro' version is designed for Office use, Chiropractic and Therapeutic customer with the following features:

- Hydraulic adjustable height from 18'' to 25''

- Five leg chrome base

- Wheels for standard carpet surface

- Optional wheels for hard surfaces





$ 248.00 (+ shipping & handling)



Common Features & Details All Designs :

- Seat diameter 12''

- Choice of seat cover made of microfiber or vinyl

- Choice of seven different colors

- Maximum weight allowance 280 lbs






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